TJSP Dictionary
Jark1. A kind of mythical creature, which is said to be made of, half jar and half shark. (Not this definition is always written with a capital j, and to make it pleural just add a s.) 2. The state of being cool-crazy in an offbeat sort of way. (Not this state of being is embodied in the mythical creature which just happens to bears the name of this state of being, also not this definition, can be used as, either a noun, verb, adjective, adverb or pseudo-pronoun, by adding the appropriate ending [examples, ish to form jarkish or, y to form jarky], or by combining it with another word [example, out to form jarkout], and to make it pleural just add a s.) 3. A word used to represent the highest extreme goodness, especially within the rating scale of jark, squidy, beast.