TJSP Characters

(In order of first appearances)

Harriet, Judy Fanny Longtall, Frank, big bird, Rob, Glenn Beazley, Marcel Craig, Fred, The Hunk, Clowie Longtall, Wally the whining wallaby (maybe not a character but rather an object), Julie, younger sister of Judy Fanny Longtall (Clowie) or maybe rather Julie’s younger sister, Ann Middleton, Stephen Watterington, Albert, Judy Fanny Longtall’s bady, the big cheese, Ned, whore, the raccoons, Teena, dog, Betty, Ojie-Mulloid Touche, Mrs.Touche, Samantha, Erin, cross-dresser, advisor Ray, Klara, advisor Gen, advisor Jack, Judy Short, advisor Tavish, Aaron, the agitated intern minister and chef at Secluded Metropolitan Unitarian Universalist Society, the beazils, Dangerous Croc, Afro Muff, Snigy Lee, Kit, Sophy, Bin, Darrell, Prang, Ramshackle Artist From Africa, Molly, Beth, O’Haybeard, Crispy The Snowperson, Ernie, Barn Bird