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#41. In The Barn Room…

By: Devin Kira Murphy & Joel Fox

Judy opened the side door to the barn room at the South Peel con only to find the advisor adults congregating for backroom conversation
So she backed into the middle, interrupting their conversation as she screamed
She had just broken the con’s biggest rule that morning
It was not the no sex rule, or even the no drugs rule, nor was it the no smoking rule-and definitely not the no heavy petting rule ‘cause that’s not even a rule
Just then, Judy got hit by a foam brick
This made her angrier then before
So she took off her first shirt and threw it at the advisor who had launched the brick
He stood up
He had not thrown the brick
She had
The brick hit her again, and she saw herself walk through the door, even though she had walked through the door only minutes ago
She went straight to the mirror and looked herself HARD in her slightly bigger eye-her left eye-only to notice that she was standing in front of herself
She turned around in time to see herself get a brick in the face
She had thrown it for the first time
Herself had thrown it all the other times
The brick brought her to her knees
She was ready for a cat fight
Herself made the first move
It was unreal, she thought as herself hit her on the head with another foam brick
She knew it had begun, but what?
She was not sure…


#21. Judy Goes To A Youth Con Worship Service

By: Devin Kira Murphy & Curtis Murphy

The service was scheduled for 12 midnight
So when it was nearly 1:47, the youth knew it was almost time to begin
They went and woke up the sleeping advisors, who were passed-out on the couches they had commandeered for the adviser sleeping area
Everyone gathered into the big room next to the sanctuary, joined hands, and began the ascent to worship, while singing the ritual droning of “gather here in the mystery of the hour, gather here in one strong body, gather here in the struggle and the power spirits draw near…”
The lights were dimmed, the candles were lit, and everyone was ready for the spiritual sharing to begin
Judy was excited as this was her first time attending a con at the Unitarian Congregation Of South Peel
As the theme of this service was spontaneous moments, the service began with the reworked Unitarian version of the highly spiritual classic,”The Cat In The Hat”
Then a South Peel youth got up and invited individuals to light a candle and say a few words about the hope they had for the future
Following this, a ball was passed around as everyone shared recollections of a spontaneous moment in their own lives
The service ended as it had begun, with everyone joining in a song
The closing song was the highly anticipated “we are the flow, we are the ebb, we are the weavers, we are the web”
The planned activities for the night ended with the frenzied post-worship group hug in Fellowship Hall
After the hug everyone went off to their separate nighttime activates, such as, crab wars, silent football, and wink, which Judy opted for
After the game of wink died down, Judy fell asleep in a cuddle- puddle with her friends Frank, Glenn, Stephen, Albert, and Betty a new friend whom she had just met at this conference
Of course, this being a CUC sanctioned youth event, the cuddle- puddle was an inclusive, non-sexual gathering, which obeyed all the rules
Good night Judy!