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#53. Woe Is Right

By: Devin Kira Murphy

Woe is right
Waw is right
Oh me! Oh My!
How thee love the smell of the Hunk’s sweater the one that I am a wearing today
Woe is right on my spicy fried tofu sunrise surprise
Waw is right in my hot and spicy goat cream cheesey power shake drink
Oh can you Judy squeeze out those coloury strips of glue that you’re accident put in my head,
There giving my a headache
And, again, Judy you still haven’t tolled me who the gash darn is Frank?


#52. Zero O’clock

By: Devin Kira Murphy

Zero O’clock
Time for the press release
Hope they can handle the revealing
Their asking for the news
Why did Harriet fly into Judy’s yard?
How was Teena and Albert’s time seeing the gnomes?
Well Harriet was fallowing a homing signal
What homing signal?
Well I can’t say just yet ’cause it is a mater of national security
Ok on to how Teena and Albert liked seeing the gnomes
Teena liked the gnome with the peanut butter scented oil and the long Santa stile beard, best
What did Albert think of the gnomes?
Well I’m not sure, but we do know he was made to enlist in the privet nose flout players militia on the way back to Canada and has not been seen since
Who is the Hunk?
Who is the Hunk?…well that’s all for now

#3. Frank To Judy

By: Devin Kira Murphy, with help from Joel Fox

Dear Judy,
I saw a picture of you with your new hunk
How could you?
You ill-minded, woman!
Stop thinking those sick thoughts about sick people!
He is sick isn’t he?
That is why I don’t want you any more
You…you-Oh my god
Wait…I know how you can solve this dilemma: Dump him
That’s right you can dump him before he can warp your mind and get you hooked on…
That’s right his sweet, sweet lovin’, lovin’ of going to juice shops and buying exotic varieties of freshly squeezed and blended juices
How do I know he likes exotic juices?
Well I found a letter from him to you when I was over visiting you last month
In it he said he had found a most excellent juice shop near his house and he wants to take you there when you come to visit
And he also said in the letter that they sell the best varieties of juice he had ever tried like, kiwi-lime- strawberry and orange-grape-avocado with hot chiles
So I guess I’m just saying dump him
Yes, Judy dump him before he can warp your mind!
Oh who the hell likes orange-grape-avocado juice with hot chiles any way!
So he is weird and sick isn’t he?
That’s right he has the worst taste in juice
So just dump him
Dump your hunk!

P.S. Don’t go visit him ever again
That’s an order!
I love you Judy