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#45. Sorry I Couldn’t Make It, Judy

By: Joel Fox

Sorry I couldn’t make it, Judy
I wanted to be there
I wanted to eat burnt muffins on toast with you
I wanted to drink grilljuice floats
out of a sterilized rubber chicken with you
I wanted to smother you with soft, wet kisses
from the sterilized, grilljuiced rubber chicken
I wanted to get lost with you, Judy
lost inside that beautiful goose
that beautiful grilljuice goose that lives in your backyard
Yes, I am not talking about a rubber chicken anymore, Judy
I am talking about my Uncle’s pet goose,
Yes, I am talking about my Uncle’s pet goose, Harriet
It flew into your yard last winter
and now lives happily,
feeding on gnardworms for nourishment
It likes the swampy nature of your backyard
and so do I
And so do the beazils…yeah – in my dreams
and I still dream, Judy
I still dream – about Beazils…and about you
Judy I’ll never forgot those times we had
in the refrigerator
But, oh, how I’ve rambled


#44. Sorry For Rambling

By: Joel Fox

Sorry for Rambling, Judy
Sorry for loving the beazils more than you
You must not misunderstand me
You are beautiful
You are far more beautiful than the beazils
– they’re just more fun
Oh, Judy, don’t cry…don’t cry, Judy
We are still but one
one against the world
– but, if you wanna get with me
you gotta learn how to get down like a beazil!