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#60. Judy’s Wedding Hangover

By: Devin Kira Murphy

In front of the pulpit was a girl with long hair the colour of a ravine’s wing in a dress,
Yes the dress she was warring was an overly poofy, sun faded, ones white mini dress style, wedding dress
Beside her was a guy with bleached blond hair in a baby-blue vinyl tux
Yes they where head to tow in Salvation Army thrift store fashions
At lest that’s what Judy remembered as she said Teena Coddleright do you tack Albert Bythebay to be your husband
Well she thought she had said Teena Coddleright do you tack Albert Bythebay to be your husband, but she was not sure?
Well maybe it was the wine, the peppermint mango wine that made her remember things that way
Hay you no wasn’t there wine at the wedding reception?
Oh well at least Judy was not the one who had tied the not,
Or was she…?


#52. Zero O’clock

By: Devin Kira Murphy

Zero O’clock
Time for the press release
Hope they can handle the revealing
Their asking for the news
Why did Harriet fly into Judy’s yard?
How was Teena and Albert’s time seeing the gnomes?
Well Harriet was fallowing a homing signal
What homing signal?
Well I can’t say just yet ’cause it is a mater of national security
Ok on to how Teena and Albert liked seeing the gnomes
Teena liked the gnome with the peanut butter scented oil and the long Santa stile beard, best
What did Albert think of the gnomes?
Well I’m not sure, but we do know he was made to enlist in the privet nose flout players militia on the way back to Canada and has not been seen since
Who is the Hunk?
Who is the Hunk?…well that’s all for now

#36. Everything’s Changing

By: Devin Kira Murphy

Everything’s Changing
Frank now with Betty
Everything’s Changing
Clowie’s now in YG
Everything’s Changing
Judy’s going to the theologian school
Everything’s Changing
Judy’s YG friends there going to the theologian school
Everything’s Changing
Bill had an accident
Everything’s Changing
The shack it crashed
Everything’s Changing
Bill he lost his chicken suit
Everything’s Changing
The shack on wheels it had to be white-washed
Everything’s Changing
Teena’s now dating Albert
Everything’s Changing
Their seeing the gnomes
Everything’s Changing
Seeing gnomes but not with Stephen
Everything’s Changing
Everything’s Changing, everything’s Changing, everything’s, changing, changing changing!!!
Everything’s Changing
Ah, ah, ahhhhhhhh!!!
Everything’s Changing…!!!

#19. Judy Is Falling For The Raccoons

By: Devin Kira Murphy

Judy is umber,
Judy is falling for the raccoons, but she must be aware of their traps
And I thought their names were Leena
Come with me, Teena
Come finally far, far from home, no, not to meet the gnomes
Yes, we can meet the gnomes later
Judy, you have to be aware of the traps, yes, Teena, you have to be aware of the traps also, oh, and their names, yes, the raccoons names are not Leena