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#80. Judy And The Journal, Part Five: The Journal Made It To Unicamp

By: Devin Kira Murphy

The journal made it to Unicamp
Well to this day we still don’t know how
Was it in Judy’s bag?
Or was it whisked in by telepathy powered shack blimp?
Or was it mashed by Frank’s bar hands into a bole of almond butter and banana?

The journal made it to Unicamp
It was red by everyone and I do mean everyone including Kit’s spirit during the astral projection workshop
And some naked youth at the clothing optional beach
Yes it was even red in one of the caves by Stephen and Albert

And then, “dos anyone now where the journal is?” said Sophy
Had we lost it last night wen Harriet showed up and started steeling all our marshmallows wile we sat around the campfire singing folk songs like Joni Mitchell’s The Circle Game?
Had we…


#59. Judy And The Journal, Part Three: And It Was Found By Judy Short

By: Devin Kira Murphy

In an alleyway on the way to church is where Sophy a youth group newbie of only 2 months found the sweat stained journal
In fact it was the same journal that Judy had accidentally dropped there only very recently during a moment of heated passion
Sophy had never seen or even heard of the journal before today, but she knew it must be of some great importance,
So she scooped up the journal off of the ground and continued on her way to church
When she got to church she promptly should the journal to all of her fellow youth group members
They were so excited because they thought it was lost for good,
They said did you know Sophy that the journal was written by 3 extraordinary former YRUU members, who’s names mean, poet, courteous and Jehovah is God
She couldn’t think of what to say in response, so she just offered to read some of it to them
They were so eager to here some of it that the youth group meeting got off to a late, late, late, start
Well it was a late, late, late, start because they would not let Sophy stop reading from the journal,
She read many of the poems including, Hank To Rudy, Hank With Ben Going Riding On A Pedal Powered Vehicle Made For Two and Ocean Was What Rudy was lost On
Well when the meeting was over Sophy accidentally left the journal on the youth group coffee table,
And It was found by Judy Short,
Well only a year later during the youth group’s next con