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#64. Too Many Stray Sheep On The Road

By: Devin Kira Murphy & Joel Fox

Judy, this isn’t working for me…
We need more hay
The pig’s in the barrel and the dog’s out with Darrell and who the hell is Darrell, anyway?
Wasn’t his name Fred?
Or was it Fredly?-the one who opened a reverse- osmosis pottery barn, and illegally served Bin, the shepherd from way out on Goth Street, East Side?
The East Side was where they had too many stray sheep on the road!
Stray Sheep was a new brand name of tiers, as seen on Judging Judy, The Albert Show, featuring the omnipresent societal outcasts, Stephen and Bill Watterington, and Blowing Bubbles with Marcel Craig/Marcel Creig’s Blowing Bobbles Hour/Bubble Up Hour/Fine Dining In A Bubble/Bubbling For Tongue For Dinner and Channel 6 News
Marcel Craig had abandoned his yarn newerg prang-prang-prang-prang-prang-prang-prang-prang! and slithered around the bend of life and into someone he never ever knew was there and then went into a vivid picture of someone he thought was there, but wasn’t Prang, prang!

Pssst! Editor here-these are all the improvements the “authors” repeatedly nixed

-It was “North Street” –Not “Gorth Street”
-Bin had actually been the host of the well-loved “Popcorn Hour” aired every day of the week inclooding Monday which was it’s day off for rest a PRANG PRANG PRANG PRANG PRANG PRANG PRANG PRANG PRANG PRANG PRANG PRANG PRANG!

P.S. Prang is my mistres and erotic Kitchen-Aide comfort -and she smalls of like beets


#39. The Day Judy Met Judy

By: Devin Kira Murphy

Judy hated her name, her last name
In fact she never used it
Even her friends didn’t use it
Well that was till the day she met Judy, Judy Short
Judy Short was from Cwadle-Ville just like Marcel Craig
But unlike Judy from New York State, Judy Short was short and pudgy and didn’t have red hair, she had black hair spiked straight up for a metre in the air
Judy was introduced to Judy Short by Marcel-Craig and during the introduction Judy told Judy short her last name and it’s Longtall
It’s very ironic because Judy Longtall is long and tall in height
Judy Longtall likes her name, her last name, now
In fact her friends even use it now

#17. And It Hurts

By: Devin Kira Murphy

What’s going through your head, red, time for bed?
Ned use your head
It hurts, not now Ned
It’s time for bed!
Red red, I should have read the sign on the wall
Yes, the sign down the hall
Fall, fall, fall in love with Judy and her story of being stuck out of sync with normal time
Well, yes, you’re in a bind and once again Ned, remember – use your head
And it hurts, not, not now Ned
I said wait for Fred, Frank, Glenn and Marcel Craig
And while we’re waiting, let’s go read the sign on the wall way down the hall
Come follow me down the hall, now don’t fall
No Ned, I said we have to wait for Fred, Frank, Glenn and Marcel Craig
Well, ok – we can start now, even though they aren’t here
…Yes, oh yes, that is good Ned, oh so good

#11. North Of North-Hamlet

By: Devin Kira Murphy, Curtis Murphy & Joel Fox

One word, three syllables
Sounds like wallaby,
Not Quallaby
Geez guys, d’you got my peas?
Fe fi fo fum I’m the blood of the cheese monger from Cwadle-Ville,
North of North-Hamlet,
Off the cost of Schnitzelgrog
Where I am from
Buy me a hat, not a kite
Buy me a hat, not a kite
Buy my a kite and we’ll have a fight
That’s right
Fe fi fo fum,

P.S. This is not about Judy
It’s about Marcel Craig