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#8. Judy Is Ogre

By: Devin Kira Murphy & Curtis Murphy

Judy you are a teeth gnashing beast
You wander the hills looking for things to eat
You have feet, feet
They are great, really great green, blue, the colours of your mind
They stick like glue
To my shoe
I try to undo, but rhapsody keeps making me you
I’m looking for you Judy
You big fat ogre you
Yes you giantess of a woman
Come down from your mountain stall, and feed me some grain from your trough
Your trough so large and cumbersome and foreboding
And man, I just remembered, it’s quite an eyesore
Yes it is an eyesore, your ogreish webbed feet, that you got from the slimy protector of the lake, at the Ithaca con
Chow chow, mow mow, how is that grub that you send
Is it fine enough for me to dine?
My teeth are gnashing too, Judy
Gnashing for you
You bitch
In rhythm to music in the song, of my heart, the one you stole from me, that day you left me, as your van drove away
And skidded to a halt on the gravel roadside, as you got out to cook bacon on your overheated radiator
Those bumpy strips on the side of the road are what caused your accident
The accident that put colours of strips of glue into my mind
The ones that flew off your van and hit me
And went inside my ear, and lodged themselves inside the vision centre of my skull
I will cherish them forever Judy, goddamn you!