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#1. My After Con Feelings, My Love

By: Devin Kira Murphy & Joel Fox

Oh why
Oh why do I miss her so?
Oh why do I miss those sleepless nights?
Oh why am I falling asleep?
Oh me! Oh my! Oh why!
Oh why
Oh why is she friendly as a moose?
Why does she have to look like my uncle’s pet goose, Harriet?
Oh Judy!
I long for you
I can’t wait another 40 days and 39 nights to pet you more heavily then last time(the non-sexual-but-still-arousing kind)
Oh why
Oh why!
Oh why
Oh why
Oh why!
Oh why are you e-mailing Frank?
You bitch
I can’t wait to see you, my love
You are like a good book-
I can never get through you quick enough
You bitch-
You are always wasting my time!
I’ll see you in 39 nights and 40 days
…but not with Frank
And who the fuck is Frank?

P.S. I am bringing my petting utensils