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#2. No Sleep, Fro Sleep

By: Devin Kira Murphy & Joel Fox

I tried to sleep but I just got a bad, bad fro
It went up, up, up
down, down, down
Sleep or no sleep
I was having cookies with big bird or was it with Rob at the side of the road with a rubber cucumber?
…staring blankly into space…
…feeling music in brain…
Oh no!
This no sleep is giving me bad fro or is it bad fro giving me no sleep?
Bad fro…
No sleep…
Side of road…
Rubber cucumber…
doing me no good there better not be a barbecue nearby because I don’t want barbecuecumber
What is that fro doing with Rob?
I thought it was my fro
No sleep
Fro sleep
Oh me!
Oh my!
Oh Why!

P.S. Wake me up, Judy-and, again, you still haven’t told me- who the hell is Frank?