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#9. And They Are Out Of Bagels

By: Devin Kira Murphy

Tick tock goes the hands of my internal clock telling me it is time to check my e-mail
Wish-wash goes the water drops
Yes, the ones that make up the water in my bathtub
Rub rub goes the hands of my masseuse as she gives me the most piercing massage I have ever received
Rumble rumble goes my stomach as it tells me that I am hungry
Think think goes the thoughts of my mind trying to tell me that I should go and get out of the tub and tell my masseuse that it is time to e-mail Frank
But I don’t – I stay in the tub with my nagging internal clock and the sounds of the water drops and my rumbling tummy and my masseuse still massaging me
But, wait, it is all a dream and they are out of bagels and it is only Judy that is massaging me and I’m tired