This web site is called TJSP ONLINE which is the web home of The Judy Story Poems (TJSP), an ongoing poetry series set in a zany Unitarian Universalist (UU) universe. TJSP ONLINE started its life out as a Yahoo! Canada GeoCities web site before coming here to WordPress.com in 2009. In addition to simply making the TJSP poems available on the web, TJSP ONLINE also includes a list of TJSP characters (In order of first appearances) and the TJSP Dictionary (a dictionary of words and terms which appear in TJSP that need some clarification of their meaning).

About TJSP
The TJSP poems began in the early 2000s and to date there have been over 80 of them written. For “Clueless Judies” (those unfamiliar with TJSP) TJSP are an ongoing poetry series set in a zany UU universe. They centre on a young person named Judy who is totally chute, quite ogreish and very much a giantess and just happens to live in an unnamed suburb of Buffalo, NY, USA. They also include some of Judy’s friends like the very wacky Frank, Glenn and Bill. Two people, Devin Kira Murphy and Joel Fox where the first Judiers (writes of TJSP). The first of what was to be the beginnings of TJSP, was written in the front hall of Joel Fox’s then home on Falaise Rode in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, by Devin Kira Murphy and yup, Joel Fox. It was one called “My After Con Feelings, My Love“, but some of the subsequent ones have had some help from another Judier, Curtis Murphy, brother to Devin Kira Murphy. Judy has met many of her friends through UU youth conferences or “cons” for short, a happening that brings together UU youth and their adult advisors. These cons are held in various UU churches and one generally last for about a weekend. Judy’s con region includes youth from all across the southern and northern parts of the USA’s NY State, as well as Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes in Canada. In TJSP you meet the characters slowly, a bit in each instalment. Also, you get more and more confused as the series goes on. Who knows what will happen next? Well for all you Judies (fans of TJSP), maybe, the 100th TJSP poem will get written…?

About The TJSP Writers

TJSP are written by the Judiers (Devin Kira Murphy, Curtis Murphy, and Joel Fox)

Devin Kira Murphy

Devin Kira Murphy is a lifelong UU. She grew up attending the First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa (1st U Ottawa), in Ottawa, Canada. At 1st U Ottawa she had many great experiences in their Sunday school’s religious exploration classes and then as a member of the youth group. As a member of 1st U Ottawa’s youth group she went to many youth cons in northern and southern New York State, USA and helped to put on several Sunday morning worship services in front of the whole congregation amongst other things. It’s this youth group that has really influenced her, not to mention most of her contributions to TJSP.

Curtis Murphy

Curtis Murphy, like Devin, is a lifelong UU who grew up attending 1st U Ottawa. But it was not until he did a year long sexuality education class called About Your Sexuality in his last year of Sunday school, at the age of 13, that he really started enjoying going there. He also, like Devin, attended 1st U Ottawa’s youth group after his time in their Sundays school. And he has fond memories of his time in the youth group.

Joel Fox

Joel Fox on the other hand only came to UUism wen Curtis invited him to youth group in 2000. But he loved it so much he became a regular member of the group.

To this day you can find the Judiers still active in UU events and happenings. Joel on Vancouver Island out on the west coast of Canada, and Curtis and Devin in Hamilton Ontario.

TJSP Writers’ Thank Yous
We would like to thank each other for the wondrously creative poetry in the series. We really have done a great job on the writing! (Well for the must part, COUGH, UM, COUGH, UM, except “I’ve Got Worms” , COUGH, UM, COUGH, COUGH.-Devin Kira Murphy) We would like to thank Yahoo! Canada GeoCities for giving us our first free web home. And now thanks to WordPress.com and their free web space, we can continue to have a web home through this web site. A web site that has enabled us to share our poetry series with more people. Also we would like to thank the people involved in the northern and southern New York and central and eastern Canadian branches of the YRUU (Young Religious Unitarian Universalists) program, for enabling us to put on and go to many weekend youth cons. Youth cons which were the inspiration for the first poem, which is entitled “My After Con Feelings, My Love” , and which have influenced many of the others in this series.
-The Judiers (writers of TJSP)

“I’ve Got Worms” is actually not really that bad. In fact, that is nothing more than the OPINIONS of a few who could not HANDLE the heavy romantic honesty therein. And it now has a sequel “I’m Still Wormy For You, Judy“, to remedy these awful MISCONCEPTIONS that have been RAMPANT like a herd of wild geese.
-Joel Fox

Becoming A TJSP Writer
For all you Judies, you to can become a Judier. All you have to do is pen a new TJSP poem and send it to us at, tjsponline@yahoo.ca. Pending review, i.e.,”we don’t think it’s to crowd”, then we will add it. But If your new TJSP poem conflicts with any of the previous ones, then you most explain how this can be so in a future one, or get someone ells to do so on your behalf.

If you would like to contact the Judiers (Devin Kira Murphy, Curtis Murphy, and Joel Fox) you can by e-mail at tjsponline@yahoo.ca. Also you can check out some of Devin’s solo artistic work, poetry on her poetry web home Lyricsofmylife, visual art on her Flicker page and soundscapes on her Bandcamp page. She can also be followed over on both Facebook and Twitter.