#63. Thanks Judy

By: Devin Kira Murphy

When Judy we used the three pronged screwdriver weren’t you the new driver?
On the bus we took to go see Molly
Molly who made me kiss Betty under the holly
Ooh that was folly ’cause the kiss caused us to fall in a trolley
The trolley it tuck us straight into the middle of the nearby street
Yes and automobiles they sure gave us quite a beat, ing
Ing bing ding dong bang, bang we rolled away barley escaping death
Only to be saved by a girl named Beth
Oh Beth she helped us up only for us to realize we couldn’t see all that clear
Thank goodness we didn’t fall of the near by peer
Pear we did the best we could to find our way back to Molly’s, but…
But some how we ended up back on this bus
So Judy you where our bus driver weren’t you!
And now you are our bus driver again
Thanks Judy

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