#57. We Never Should Have Bout It Over The Internet

By: Curtis Murphy

We never should have bought it over the internet
We never should have logged on to www. shackrepair .com and bought those out-of-date fluorescent green shingles
We never should have paid by credit card for special delivery on the next business day
We should have known that they would never get here on time, because their courier was driving an old boot with a broken skateboard attached to the bottom
We should have fixed the shack ourselves using the leftover duct tape from the young adult group’s tuxedo-making-and-french-toast-grill-off event
We never should have listened to the voices in Albert’s head, even though they were right when they told us that the screaming chicken factory in Niagara Falls Ontario was a bad place to hold a con
But this time they were wrong
And now the shack is ruined
Or is it…?


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