#32. Clowie’s Youth Con Breakfast Experience

By: Devin Kira Murphy

Clowie went and grabbed the big box of Frosted Oy-O’s and a bole
She pored some of the Oy-O’s in her bole, then she added some Dave’s Marshmallow Bits, some soy milk and a spoon
Now she was of to fined a seat, but there was nowhere for her to sit
So Clowie went and sat on a cross-dresser’s lap!
The cross-dresser was taken aback, he lurch sending Clowie’s bole of cereal fling across the tables
It landed on the head of a Rochester adviser named Ray just as he was grabbing a bagel
Instinctively Ray throw the bagel at the direction the cereal had come from, he missed Clowie and the cross-dresser
Instead he hit Klara, Clowie’s con friend in the face as she was enjoying a bagel and cream cheese
Yes that’s when all hell broke loos, with food fling everywhere
The food fight went on for a good will till one of the local Montreal advisors, a woman named Gen came in the room and distinctively yelled “STOP IT!!!”
Clowie never did get to have breakfast

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