#30. Frank’s Animal Side Takes Over

By: Joel Fox

“Arch sphinx!” whispered Frank
before breaking into a gallop on all fours
making even the diamond-backed,
breast-necked, coblet-finch pale in comparison
He honk-grunted as he ran
and ran, and ran, and ran…
would he ever come back for biscuits?
Yes, Frank was actually quite peckish
and he soon halted in his tracks
Was it the ear,
ear for dinner,
that caused the sudden change?
The pigs were howling
a dribble began dribbling down its chin
he began to hear music
a tremble
he wasn’t feeling normal feelings
he wasn’t thinking normal thoughts
He felt the sudden urge to leap boundwards into the sky…
The doctors dragged a kicking, flailing madman into the “Asylum”…
Frank woke up
He was a jungle
He was a jungle!
What luck!
What joy!
“What a fantasy…”
an under-the-weather Frank scribbled in his journal

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