#26. Judy Is Erasable

By: Curtis Murphy

Who is this woman?
Why is she in my brain?
Why is she in my dreams?
Those dreams I have, those rare times when I have sleep, instead of having no sleep
Damn this no sleep, damn my bad fro
Damn those flashes of red hair, and big feet, and mysterious lime-green garments
They dazzle me, and make my shins twitch with their grotesque beauty
Damn those waves that crash up against the rocky shores of my homeland, reminding me of the time I got a concussion, from her excessively heavy petting
Oh, I am tormented, by this lost love of mine
I am haunted by the echo of those fateful words YOU BITCH…you bitch…you bitch
He called her a bitch, and I got angry at him
Even though deep down, I knew he was right
And I knew that she was left
Yes, she had left me
And I was going to find her
All I had to do was follow my fro…

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