#5. Frankly, I’m Sick Of Judy

By: Devin Kira Murphy & Joel Fox, with some help from Curtis Murphy

Frankly, I’m sick of Judy
She is not a coffee table, or an overcoat worn and weathered
She is a bad, bad girl
She is not right
She has too much bite
She has not yet flown a kite
But she is still e-mailing Frank
I thought he was put away in the bank
Come over here and give me a spank
That’s right woman…
I love you, Judy,
But I’m sick of Frank
So come outside
So we can spank…together commando style or even lost-in-the- wilderness style
Come on…tell me a secret…what does this Frank character look like?
He is a bookworm
He doesn’t get outside much
He needs a friend
He is lost in the wilderness
And I want to get lost with him
Why can’t I get lost with you?
Because I love him…
I love his brown triangular spectacles and the way he flaunts his follicle-challenged head up next to my bosom every time I see him
I am still lost without him
Judy, get lost!
With Frank…and take me with you
Then we really will be lost-in-the wilderness…with Frank
P.S. Stop e-mailing Frank…but give me his number
P.P.S. I’m falling for Frank…please catch me Judy
P.P.R.S. I know you were coming and I baked you a cake
I sensed you
Just then, the doorbell rang
It was Frank
Hello! Hello! Are we going out to do it commando-style?
All of a sudden we were outside rubbing our heads up against her flaming bosom even though she had a flaming rash
But we forgave her

P.S. You can e-mail Frank whenever you want
Judy just spank me harder next time

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