#14. Judy Was A…

By: Devin Kira Murphy & Curtis Murphy

Judy was a teacher
Judy was a preacher
Judy was a screecher
And Judy was meandering on a two speed scooter, to Hooters
Judy never got there
Judy never will,
says Bill
that oafish elf of a man
who in his times of non-controllable action,
gave Judy some screech
a breach, of the rules
even though they weren’t at a con
they were at a party in the shack, out back
Bill and his rubber chicken…
The shack is on wheels
And is heading to Hooters
And he too will never get there
To visit Judy
who is a teacher
and a preacher
and a screecher
and also his mother
And they are riding off together into the sunset
in the shack on wheels


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